Supporting Life's Process
As a helping professional I work collaboratively and empathically with my clients. I believe that people suffer emotional, physical and psychological traumas due to impacts to their self, their esteem, their felt sense of being whole, which affects their ability to live authentically in their interactions with others. The cause might be from the experience of early abuse, neglect or traumas that can interrupt personal development resulting in upsets in current daily living, affecting relationships with family, intimate partners, friends or colleagues. From an early age we learn to adapt to our relationship environment and as we grow, such adaptations often become unconscious injunctions (out of awareness), negatively effecting our adult life relationships.
I practise in a safe way that will validate your experience of life, exploring the meanings of your lived experience, making sense of this experience, your feelings, thoughts and behaviours, in a context of understanding.
Feeling isolated? Somatic Psychotherapy can help you rebuild  connections and relationships with others.
There are many obstacles in the river of life, Somatic Psychotherapy can help you overcome them.